When people go online to buy something, different questions and doubts start emerging in their consciousness, such as whether the item will be delivered on time, will the product quality be satisfactory, will I receive the same item I ordered, how to make the payment successfully, personal information being compromised, credit/debit card details being stolen, how will the parcel get shipped and many other queries. In order to provide quality medicines and professional services to our respected customers, we have prepared a list of some possible questions with their respective answers for the benefit and satisfaction of our consumers.

Q1 How do you safeguard customer security and privacy?

A1 Our main aim is to provide completely safe and secure delivery of drugs to our revered consumers. Right from placing the order to delivery of items, we make each and every thing secure. All the customer data is in fact leak proof and never shared with anyone. We always ensure there is no malicious misdemeanor on information and protect each customer from deception of debit/credit cards.

Q2 How to purchase drugs online from you?

A2 You can easily explore all the drugs you require by entering the generic or brand name. Then, you have to choose the dose and quantity from the listing and click add to cart. Once you have finished adding drugs to your cart, you can go forward to checkout button.

Q3 Tell us about your cancellation policy?

A3 You can easily cancel your order if it has not been already dispatched. If you are not satisfied by the delivered drugs, ensure to return them on the next day. We guarantee to release the full refund if drugs you returned are undamaged.

Q4 Do I have to attach prescription to purchase drugs online from you?

A4 No. It is not mandatory for you attach prescription to purchase medicines from us.

Q5 How do you pack the medicines?

A5 All the medicines are packed in covered envelopes to guarantee utmost privacy and confidentiality. ‘Online Pharmacy’ will be super-scribed on the packet. Safeguarding and protecting customers’ privacy is our main priority.

Q6 Why cost of your drugs so low?

A6. The prices of all our medicines are low because we usually don’t spend much on unnecessary banners, advertising and marketing. We ensure that all the consumers remain in our direct contact.

Q7 Do exported items have the same quality?

A7 All the drugs that we sell have similar high quality and incorporate United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) certification. Therefore, expect only top quality medicines from us every time.

Q8 Can your medicines have negative side effects?

A8 Since we sell and promote only FDA approved drugs, and comply with global regulations rigorously, we can be easily trusted for selling only genuine, safe and superior drugs at lowest rates.

Q9 When will I receive my order?

A9 It will take only one business day for the parcel to reach your house. The parcel can be dispatched overnight but you have to pay extra charges.